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Akemi Rust Remover

Akemi Rust Remover is suitable for removing surface rust stains as well as rust stains caused by indwelling rust. Akemi® Rust Remover should only be used on acid-resistant natural stone floors such as granite and slate and acid-resistant cast stone.  Size: 1000 mL

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This product is not recommended for marble, travertine, limestone, or terrazzo. Occlusions in natural stone (granite, gneiss) which cause the rust are enveloped, thus inhibiting the formation of new rust. Akemi® Rust Remover is ideal for floor coverings. Akemi Rust Remover is an intense cleaning agent based on inorganic acids with non-ionic surfactants and rust inhibitors. The product is free from hydrochloric acids. The surfactants contained are biodegradable in correspondence with the legal regulations for surfactants.

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