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Akemi® Algae and Mildew Remover

AkemiŽ Algae and Mildew Remover

AKEMI® Algae and Mildew Remover is a rapidly effective, alkaline cleaner based on active compounds. The product is free from solvents.

Field of Application:

Algae and Mildew Remover rapidly and thoroughly removes natural layers on façades, roofs and walls made of natural and cast stones, such as marble, granite, concrete bricks and similar materials.

Instructions For Use

  1. Remove deep staining mechanically
  2. Apply undiluted with a brush or a sponge.
  3. Allow to work for 10 – 20 minutes, thoroughly clean with water & brush.

Special Hints

  • Do not allow contact with plants, otherwise rinse immediately with water.
  • Do not allow contact with metals, wood, clothing or similar materials in order to avoid discoloring or bleaching.
  • Do not refill used material into storing containers.
  • The product is registered at the Federal Environmental Protection Agency under the number 1257 0015

Technical Data

  • Color: yellowish transparent
  • Density: approx. 1.10g/cm³
  • pH-value: approx. 11
  • Shelf Life: 1 year approx. if stored in cool place free from frost in its tightly closed original container.

Safety Measures:

See Safety Data Sheet in PDF format


The above information is based on the latest stage of technical progress. It is to be considered as a non-binding hint and does not release the user from a performance test, since application, processing and environmental influences are beyond our realm of control

Disclaimer: the information presented above is provided by the Akemi® Company. International Stoneworks Inc. declines any responsibility as to the veracity of this information.

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