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Travertine Restoration Questions

Q: I installed a beautiful honed cross-cut travertine floor in our living room. Problem is, the sample tiles we chose look much better than the floor did after installation. Should I ask the installer to replace the floor? It looks like the floor is always dirty no matter how much cleaning we do.

A: Sometimes, following installation, the cement grout leaves a residue on the stone or even slightly "etches" the travertine.

For more information about how to care for Travertine, please refer to our blog, "All About Travertine."

Q: My travertine floor is only a couple of years old and I have noticed that it is "pitting." Is it normal that my travertine has these holes?

Travertine is a stone that naturally has voids (holes). The voids (or holes) can be filled during the fabrication process, but over time these fills can pop out. Part of our job during the restoration process is to re-fill these voids.

You can also re-fill these holes yourself with the Akemi® Marmorkitt 1000 S-Soft Travertine Light Ivory.

For more information on how to fill travertine voids, please refer to our blog, "Filling the Void... Literally."

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