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Slate Restoration Questions

Q: I have a slate patio that I want to clean on a weekly basis. Do you have any eco-friendly products that I can use for my natural stone?

A: We have developed a whole line of green products for maintenance and restoration of natural stone. Check out our Green Products Page for more information.

For daily or weekly cleaning, I recommend eco-friendly Lavenet Green. It is a biodegradable, VOC compliant product that works just as effectively as regular Lavenet. For sealing your natural stone, you can use Seal & Go® W, which is a water-based, VOC compliant sealer.

Q: I have a new slate floor. I would like to have a medium gloss on the slate, but I would also like to darken the stone a bit. Should I use one of the color enhancing sealers I saw on your website?

A: You can certainly use a color-enhancing penetrating sealer to darken the slate. However, this type of sealer will not give you shine. You could also use a topical sealer, which is the only way you can get shine on the slate. We recommend the following procedure:

For more information about enhancer sealers, please refer to our blog, "Don't Just Seal Your Stone, Enhance It."

Q: I have grease stains on my slate backsplash in the kitchen. How can I remove these stains and maintain the slate?

A: We recommend the following:

For more information on stain removal, please refer to our blog, "Removing Stains From Natural Stone."

Q: I have a slate floor that scratches easily. How can I remove the scratches and prevent them from coming back?

A: Unfortunately, not all slate has the same resistance to scratches. Some slate is much softer than others. You can coat your slate, but you may have scuff marks on the coat, and it will require constant buffing and care. Additionally, the wax and/or seal coat will not prevent the slate from being scratched by heavy objects such as chairs. If the slate is honed and not textured, it can be re-honed (sanded) and re-sealed. However, scratches will come back. This is a service we offer, and this refinishing can be done on a yearly basis if needed. If you are in the Houston area, please feel free to call us at 713-956-8291, and ask for a quote.

Q: There are dark marks on my kitchen's slate flooring. This floor stains very easily and I have difficulty keeping it clean. What do you recommend?

A: We recommend the following:

For more information about cleaning and maintaining slate, please refer to our blog, "Restoring and Cleaning Slate."

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