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Porcelain Tile Restoration Questions

Q: I think I have made a mistake by choosing a pink grout in all of my bathrooms. We have beautiful Spanish porcelain tiles. The grout is getting dirty and has white residue, which I assume is due to the hard water we have in our area. I don't want to change the color of my grout and every product we have tried (including bleach) to make our grout lighter or whiter does not seem to work. Do you have a magic solution?

A: No magic I'm afraid. However, our TGR (Tile & Grout Restorer) will not change the color of your grout while thoroughly cleaning it. By the way, make sure you seal the grout with Seal & Go® S (water/stain repellent penetrating sealer) after the grout is dry.

For more information on grout cleaning, please refer to our blog, "Grout Cleaning 101."

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