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Natural Stone Floor Cleaning

How to clean natural stone floors:

Including granite (polished or flamed), marble, travertine, limestone (honed or polished), terrazzo, slate, flagstone, etc.

The following recommendations should serve as a guideline. For specific situations or special cases, please contact International Stoneworks, Inc.

Not all products are safe for marble cleaning, granite cleaning etc. We recommend using neutral stone and grout cleaning products.

Before and after cleaning of natural stone floor.
Commercial cleaning of natural stone floor.
  1. Dust mop stone flooring daily with an untreated mop or cloth.
  2. Damp mop daily with a solution of neutral stone floor cleaner, Lavenet or Lavenet Green.

How to clean natural stone showers and surfaces:

  1. For all stone tops and surfaces such as granite countertops and marble showers, we recommend cleaning daily with Akemi Crystal Clean. It safely removes light soap scum and dirt and will not etch (chemically burn) stone.
  2. For stain removal of small stains such as grease, butter or oil, we recommend Akemi Oil & Grease Remover.
Akemi Crystal Clean for Natural Stone Surfaces.
Sate floor before and after.

Commercial Stone Floor Maintenance Cleaning:

If there is a topical coating on commercial stone floors, we recommend stripping with a solution of Zoom or Green Solutions Floor Finish Remover.

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