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Limestone Restoration Questions

Q: We have French limestone kitchen countertops. They have been sealed 2 times and will be sealed a third. However, there are water rings and some other spots that I would like to remove or clean. What product do you recommend? The limestone countertops are a honed finish, but are smooth and not very shiny. Thanks!

A: Limestone contains calcium carbonate, a chemical substance, which reacts to acids. Sealers such as our Seal & Go ® S are meant to protect marble against grease, coffee, tea, milk, etc. but not acids such as lemon juice, orange juice, vinegar, etc. Here are some ways you can help maintain the honed finish:

Seal the limestone once a year with Seal & Go® S.

Clean the top every day with a solution of Lavenet or Lavenet Green.

Once a year, you might have to call International Stoneworks to hone (sand to remove scratches and etch marks) and seal the limestone.

Remember, nothing will protect the limestone against acids (water is typically slightly acidic), so I recommend you do the best you can to maintain it while using it until it is time to restore it.

For more information on limestone care, please refer to our blog, "Triple A."

Q: I have a limestone floor. How can I clean and protect it?

A: Browse the Residential Products link for more information on products for sealing and maintaining your stone. For the proper maintenance of your limestone floor, we recommend:

Sometimes honed limestone can trap embedded dirt. If this is the case, call International Stoneworks, Inc. and we can professional scrub clean and re-hone the limestone.

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