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Granite Restoration Questions

Q: We have just installed a granite countertop in our kitchen and a kitchen island. Do we need to seal it and how can we maintain it?

A: Most granites are resistant to heat and etching (from acids such as lemon juice, orange juice, etc.) However, most granite types are somewhat porous and need to be protected against oils, butter and other greasy ingredients.

For sealing instructions and more information about stone sealers, please refer to our blog, "Smooth Sealing."

Q: I have a dark colored stain on my granite countertop. How can I remove it?

For more information on stain removal, please refer to our blog, "Removing Stains From Natural Stone."

Q: I have granite countertops in my kitchen and a slate patio that I want to clean on a weekly basis. However I'm trying to be environmentally conscious and reduce my carbon footprint. Can you suggest any products that I can use for my natural stone that are eco-friendly?

A: It is evident that home and business owners are taking part in the "green" movement and want to use products that are environmentally-friendly. For daily or weekly cleaning, I recommend Lavenet Green, a biodegradable, VOC compliant product that works just as effectively as regular Lavenet. For the annual sealing of your natural stone, we have Seal & Go® W, which is a water-based, VOC compliant sealer. We have developed a whole line of green products for the maintenance and restoration of natural stone. Check out our Green Products Page for more information.

Q: We recently had a granite grill top installed on our brick patio. Rain darkens the granite considerably, and the darker color is much more compatible with the brick. Is there a color enhancer that would give me this darker look but without a shiny surface look?

A:Yes, we do have penetrating sealers that darken granite without adding shine. I recommend you review the information on Seal & Go® Enhancer S.

I recommend that the following procedure be used to maintain the granite following the sealing:

For more information about enhancer sealers, please refer to our blog, "Don't Just Seal Your Stone, Enhance It."

Q: I am the property manager of a medium sized downtown building. Last year, the owners of the building decided to upgrade it and replace our brick paver lobby with shiny black granite. The floor looked great at first, but now on the traffic lanes, the shine is gone and the floor looks gray instead of black. Any suggestions?

A: Granite is a hard stone. To restore the traffic areas to their original "new" look, International Stoneworks can grind and polish the granite with our diamond grinding system. Note that this typically is expensive. 
However, there is another solution which will allow you to bring back some of the shine and color, and serve as a maintenance program:

  1. Hone (sand) the traffic areas of the granite floor with our Granite Glow® powder.
  2. Polish with Granite Glow® and Buff & Go® Plus.
  3. Clean daily with a solution of Lavenet or Lavenet Green.

Please see the information, MSDS, and instructions for use for all these products on our Web site. Feel free to call us at (713) 956-8291 for more information.

Q: How do I care for and maintain my granite floor?

A: For the weekly cleaning of a granite floor, we recommend Lavenet Ready-to-Use or Lavenet Green Ready-to-Use stone cleaner. Spray Lavenet lightly on the floor, and mop it with a damp cotton mop. You may have to dry the floor with a towel.

For the protection of granite floors, we recommend sealing once a year with Seal & Go® S water and stain (grease) repellent penetrating sealer.

For polishing worn areas, contact International Stoneworks, Inc.

Q: My mother-in-law has a brand new granite top in her kitchen. How can she keep the top shiny. Any tips?

A: Yes! First clean the surface with Akemi Crystal Clean, then order some Stone Essentials™ Countertop Polish and she will thank you forever (maybe). 
Do not use Countertop Polish spray on floors.

For more information on these products, and their applications, please call or e-mail us.

Q: I have flamed granite in front of my house. I would like to protect it but it looks faded. What do you suggest?


For more information on caring for flamed granite, please refer to our blog, "Flamed Granite: Feeling the Heat."

Q: There is a white deposit around the faucets of my red granite kitchen top. Can you advise me on how to resolve this?

Q: My bathroom has a granite shower with a glass door. Can I use MDR to clean the calcium deposit from both?

A: Yes, you can use a solution of MDR (Mineral Deposit Remover) to clean the calcium deposits. Test a 50/50 solution in an unobtrusive area first.

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