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Ceramic Tile Restoration Questions

Q: I own a small janitorial company. The biggest complaint I get from the property managers of the buildings I clean is that the ceramic tile bathroom flooring is dirty. I know it's not true because we clean them nightly and seal them monthly. Any suggestions?

A: Yes! Please find below the procedure I suggest:

For more information about tile polishing, please refer to our Tile Glow® Product Demonstration Video:

Q: How can I restore and maintain an old ceramic tile floor?

A: For your ceramic tile floor, I recommend the following:

Q:The white grout in my kitchen has become very dirty. The tile is an old ceramic tile. Is MDR (Mineral Deposit Remover) the right product to clean my tile and grout? I also have tile around the pool that needs attention. Can I use MDR there as well?

A: MDR is an excellent product to clean the tile and grout in your kitchen. It also is a good product to clean calcium deposits from ceramic tile around the pool. It may require some scrubbing. Also note that MDR contains phosphoric acid: if some of the MDR gets into the pool, you might have to adjust the pH of the water.

Which stone / tile do you have questions on?

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